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Lakey Lane Primary School



At Lakey Lane School, we believe that Physical Education experienced in a safe, fun and supportive environment is a vital contributor to a pupil’s physical development and well-being. We believe that this physical activity can have a huge impact, not only on pupils’ health and wellbeing but also on pupils' achievement whilst at school.  We therefore aim to ensure that our PE provision addresses the needs of all our pupils, including those who belong to disadvantaged, vulnerable and gifted groups.


We aim to deliver our curriculum through 3 key drivers and our 6 school values which underpin our children’s learning.

Ambition - To equip our children with the skills, knowledge, confidence and physical competence to motivate them to lead a life-long active and healthy lifestyle.

Self-belief - To appreciate their own physical skills and abilities and to know that they can continually improve these. To inspire children to be driven to do their best and develop a strong sense of resilience.

Community - To develop physical, social and leadership skills. To nurture a sense of responsibility and accountability through organising and running activities. To instill a sense of belonging and understanding of the importance of teamwork and support through intra/inter healthy competition.

Respect - To challenge and promote self-esteem through developing physical confidence and learning strategies to aid problem solving. To understand the need for rules and embed the values of fairness, cooperation and respect for others; promoting good sportsmanship.

Curiosity - To provide a balance of individual and team co-operative physical activities to cater for all needs and abilities. To inspire all children to try new physical activities and experiences and develop the confidence to explore outside their comfort zone.

Kindness - To teach children to cope with success and failure in competitive, individual and team based physical activity.  Children are taught to value their own abilities and to show support and consideration to one another.



At Lakey we harness a love for P.E and promote a healthy lifestyle through our engaging and broad P.E curriculum.

We focus on teaching fundamental movement skills in KS1 and developing them in KS2 so our children become increasingly competent and confident whilst accessing a broad range of opportunities. Children are taught to communicate, collaborate and enjoy competitive and non-competitive sport whilst developing an understanding of how to evaluate and recognise their success.

We ensure high standards of teaching and learning in PE at Lakey Lane by following the aims set out in the PE National Curriculum. There is a clear, high-quality instruction, practice and feedback cycle across every lesson implemented by Reception upwards as set out in the PE Hub resources.

Lakey Lane Primary School have adopted the ‘PE Hub’ scheme of Physical Education teaching to ensure coverage and progression and to ensure delivery of the key elements of physical literacy: motor competence, rules, strategies and tactics and healthy participation.

Our curriculum is designed to encourage a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle and love for physical activity. Skills are built upon every year as our progressive curriculum has been developed to include a recap and review focus before new skills are acquired. Each year group has units for dance, gymnastics, athletics, OAA and a variety of striking & fielding games, invasion games and net & wall games. These are planned to feed into competitive opportunities.

Swimming is offered in KS2 and it is our intention that every child can swim at least 25m before they leave us, having also acquired water safety skills.

  • All year groups have 2 hour long, high-quality PE lessons each week – one indoors and one outdoors. Sessions lead by an external coach are available for each class throughout the year. Bishop Challenor Sports Partnership also provide CPD for staff and sporting opportunities for our children on a regular basis.
    ●Detailed lesson structure is provided through the PE Hub scheme of work and ensures progression of skills.
    ● The government’s target of 1 hour of physical activity each day is met through brain break sessions, playtime and lunchtime activities lead by young leaders and before and after school clubs.
    ● Examples of skills learned throughout a unit are recorded during the final session as evidence.
    ●Children have the opportunity to participate in inter-competitions and intra-competitions in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


For each unit of work there is a corresponding knowledge organiser which children are familiarised with at the start of the teaching, it is referred to throughout the unit and is also shared with parents. The knowledge organiser details unit expectations, skills to develop, key vocab that will be taught and prior learning.

Pupil starting points are identified at the beginning of each unit and then learning and progression is assessed in the End of Unit Skills Assessments for a selection of children with different abilities.

Children are assessed in their swimming competency (their ability to swim 25 metres) and this data is published annually on the school website.



Our children understand the importance of physical activity and how this forms part of a healthy lifestyle in terms of both physical and mental well-being. They are confident, competent and enthusiastic when it comes to being active and they enjoy being on the move.

Their understanding and demonstration of the key elements of physical literacy (motor competence, rules, strategies and tactics and healthy participation) enables them to have the confidence to participate in any sport and try any new activity; an attribute which will benefit them throughout all walks of life.

We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

  • Pupils’ reflections and verbal discussions about their learning; evaluations at the end of each unit to assess their own development as well as pupil interviews with school leaders.
  • Observing participation in school sporting events and celebrating pupils’ sporting achievements from outside of school during assemblies.


At Lakey Lane, we strive to increase the amount of time children are involved in physical activity throughout the school day and not just in P.E lessons.  In order to do this, our year 5 and 6 children have the opportunity to become young leaders where they are responsible for organising and setting up a range of activities in the playground at lunch time.  These activities range from dancing to music on the boogie box to playing organised games of cricket.  Additionally, the children take regular brain breaks in between and during lessons when the teacher feels necessary.  This can help to reenergize the children through pumping more oxygen to the children's brains.


There are also many opportunities for the children to join in extracurricular activities.  These include football, dance, basketball or multi skills club.  The majority of these clubs run before or after the school day.