Lakey Lane Primary School

Lakey Lane Primary School


Assessment is key to ensuring that all our children make the best possible progress. Assessments in school can range from an informal classroom observation to a formal test. We believe that assessment for learning (AFL) is key to ensuring this progress. Essentially this means that at the end of each lesson the staff will decide on the next step based on the progress the children have made in that lesson.

These ongoing assessments, along with more formal end of term assessments in some subjects, will contribute to a discussion at the end of each term about your child’s progress. This is then discussed as a team to ensure any child who needs additional support gets it.   


Additional support

Focus children

In reading, writing and maths your child may be identified as a ‘focus child’, to support their progress in class. This may mean they work more often with the teacher or teaching assistant in small groups or individually, they are asked more questions during whole class work or they have more of an opportunity to discuss and improve their independent work with the adults they work with. This would usually be for the duration of a term.  


Targeted intervention

Many of our children take part in small group or individual support for a period of time. This may be for a number of reasons. It may be because they have a particular strength that we feel could be developed further. We may feel they could do with a boost to ensure they maintain their progress. Or, it may be because they are working below the level we, and you, would hope and would benefit from some individual support. Again, we will inform you if your child is receiving this support. We are also happy to talk to you about what you might do to support your child at home.


Learning mentor

It may be that some children do not need additional learning support but that they are not progressing as well as well as we would hope because they have additional social/emotional needs. In which case, they may work with our learning mentor for a period of time. 


National tests and assessments

All the children complete the national tests and assessments in the summer term at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2. The children in Year 1 complete the Year 1 Phonics Check, this also takes place in the summer term.


Please let us know if you wish to discuss your child’s progress at any time.