Lakey Lane Primary School

Lakey Lane Primary School


In accordance with the National Curriculum – we have now adopted the mastery approach to the teaching of maths. This approach promotes an in-depth understanding of all concepts for all children. Teaching maths in this way enables children to reason, explain and apply their understanding.


The Maths No Problem scheme of work is being used throughout school, except in year 6. The children are taught as a class. There are two maths sessions each day – the main lesson and a subsequent ‘keep up’ session where we ensure that all of the children have a good understanding of the concepts covered that day as well as covering basic skills around fluency and recall of number facts.

For further information please see the attached video of a meeting we held for parents outlining the reasons behind this new approach.


In the Autumn term teachers focus on number and place value as this is a key skill to access all areas of the maths curriculum. This could be times tables, number bonds or simple addition and subtraction. We then move on to other areas of maths such as geometry, data handling and measurement.


We recognise the importance of both mental calculation and formal written calculations – they are taught side by side. For further information on formal written methods please download the attached Written Calculations Policy.

Lakey Lane Written Calculations Policy KS1

Lakey Lane Written Calculations Policy KS2 


There is also information on the new methods such as the bar model and the part, part, whole diagram in the video below from the Maths parent meeting.

In Key Stage 2 and Year 2 the children have a weekly times tables challenge, in which they have to complete a series of timed challenges and receive certificates for moving onto the next stage. We would be very grateful if parents could spare time to practise times tables with their children at home. 


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