World Book Day 2021

We understand that World Book Day will be a little bit different this year as many children will be marking the day at home. On this page, as well as your child's home learning page, there will be a range of activities to help you  celebrate World Book Day. 



World Book Day Tokens

Every year, the World Book Day organisation provide all children under the age of 18 with a World Book Day tokenThe £1 book tokens can then be swapped for one of the exclusive, new and completely FREE World Book Day books available from participating booksellers OR used to get £1 off  any full price book or audiobook instead (as long as the book or audiobook costs at least £2.99).


Further details about when your child should receive their token will be with you soon. If you would like to look at the FREE World Book Day books available, they can all be found here


World Book Day book tokens will be valid from Thursday 18 February – Sunday 28 March 2021. In 2021, participating booksellers will honour the tokens beyond the 28 March while stocks last.


National Book Token Competition

One of the World Book Day activities is the National Book Tokens DESIGN A BOOK TOKEN competition.

One lucky winner’s design will be made into a real life National Book Tokens gift card and distributed across bookshops nationwide in time for Christmas! 

To take part, your child simply has to make their mark on the template and design a brand new National Book Tokens gift card. A panel of judges will select a winner and runner-up in each of three age categories: up to 8 years, 9-12 years and 13-16 years.

Click here to look at previous winning designs and click here for the book token template.

Once your child has finished their design, they then need to hand it in to their class teacher when they are in school. 


Share a story reading star

On the World Book Day website there is a  fun Share A Story Reading Star game which has been created to encourage children to enjoy books and reading together at home as well as all the exciting ways you can share stories – not just at bedtime! There are two levels to choose from: younger bookworms (Nursery and Reception) and older bookworms.

Children tick off a Reading Star each time they complete a reading task. This can either be done on the website or on a print out of the chart.

If your child completes the challenge, we would love to know so they can be presented with a certificate once back in school.

Have fun reaching all your stars and please do send us photos of you reaching them. 


Reading star chart for younger bookworms

Reading star chart for older bookworms

Dressing up as a favourite book character

For many children, being able to dress as their favourite book characters is one of the best parts of the day so we are encouraging all of those who would like to dress up to do so. Click here for some inspiration. Please send us any photos of your child dressed up as we would love to see them!


Create a cosy reading corner

Why not create a cosy book corner and encourage your child to use the space to share a story with someone at home or virtually with family or friends they have not seen in a while. If you would like to send us photos of your child enjoying their book corner, please do.


World of Stories Audiobooks 

Audiobooks are a fantastic way for children to enjoy stories whether by themselves or with family and friends. On the World Book Day website there are a whole range of audiobooks for younger and older bookworms.  Click here to discover the many free audiobooks available. 




World Book Day 2020

We were very pleased to be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 6th March.

Children bought in their favourite books to share and took part in various fun reading and writing opportunities to really promote a love of books and of reading.

Every child has been given a £1 book token to swap for one of the exclusive World Book Day books. We look forward to seeing what books the children choose.


Children were invited to dress up as their favourite book characters.  Amongst the many characters from Harry Potter, and multiple princesses across the year groups, we also had Mary Poppins, Little Red Riding Hood, Matilda, Alice in Wonderland, Gangsta Granny and Mildred Hubble. Staff also enjoyed dressing up as much as the children. A big thanks to Miss Jones for organising it all.