History Day 

A big thankyou to Mrs Gray for organising another very successful 'Special Day'.

This term our focus was looking back at significant events in history with Key Stage Two finding out about The Magna Carta. The children took part in two special assemblies which were lead by the team from 'Gripping History'. As well as learning about the key facts; they all had a workshop using quills and inks, they designed their own coats of arms and were able to explore artefacts from the time! What a fabulous day!

Year Two brought the seaside to Lakey Lane with a fabulous day to support their current topic work. They were treated to a Punch & Judy show, ice-creams, donkey rides and even had their own beach! Much fun was had by all.

Year 1 explored the history of transport, in particular, cars. They had a great time making timelines, looking at old photographs and video footage; they even got to design their own car for spongebob!

Reception travelled even further back in time - to the land of dinosaurs! They learned all about these pre-historic creatures and compared them to animals they see today.

Nursery thought about their own history and how they've changed since they were little babies.


Another wonderful special event at Lakey Lane. Thank you to everyone for making it so enjoyable.