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How will the school prepare and support my child when they are leaving this school or moving to a new class?

We are aware that moving to a new school, or moving to a new class, can be challenging for some of our children. We aim to make these transitions as easy as possible for the children in our school.  

If your child is moving to another school:

  • We will contact the school SENDCO and ensure he/she knows about any special arrangements or support that need to be made for your child.
  • We will make sure that all records about your child are passed on as soon as possible and aim to have done this within 2 weeks of your child leaving.
  • At the end of Year 6 school our learning mentor runs transitions groups for the children we feel need a little extra support with making the move to secondary school. This gives the children an opportunity to find out more about their new school and ask any questions they may have before moving. They may be taught strategies on how to organise themselves for different lessons or how to read timetables/maps of the school. Some children may also make additional visits to their new school.


When moving classes in school:

  • Each year the SENDCo meets with the class teacher and teaching assistant to discuss any new SEND children they will be working with. At that meeting, they will discuss any diagnosis that has been given, any additional medical needs, learning levels and the sort of progress made previously.  
  • The new teacher will also be made aware of any interventions your child is/has been involved with, any specific targets they are working on and any support they received from outside agencies.
  • If your child would be helped by a book of photographs of their new class and teachers to support them in moving on then it will be made for them. This can be helpful over the summer holiday for you to share with them.
  • For any additional concerns, please either speak to your child's class teacher, the SENDCo, Mrs Roberts or the Deputy SENDCo Miss Meehan