Year 5 (Sep)

Week beginning 28th September - click on the links for each day to access the home learning.

Year 5 Reading

The Reading tasks this week relates to the book "Romans on the Rampage" by Jeremy Strong. If you need a copy of the text, please contact school and we will try to get one out to you. Thanks.

Monday -Romans on the Rampage Chapter 8- part 2

Tuesday - Romans on the Rampage Chapter 9

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday -


Year 5 Maths 

Monday - Missing numbers

Tuesday - Missing Number part 2

Wednesday - Multi-step word problems

Thursday - Column multiplication

Friday - Division


Miss Johnson's Maths group - Numbers to 100

Monday - 

Tuesday - Revision of 2 Digit Numbers - Place Value   Click here


Wednesday - Click here - Addition With Renaming

Thursday - 

Friday - 


Year 5 Writing

Monday - Editing a diary entry

Tuesday - Join or split

Wednesday -  Recognising apostrophes

Thursday - Hearts and minds diary entry

Friday - Write the diary entry of a Roman soldier


Miss Cartmill's Writing group

Week 2 of instruction writing. Click on the links each day, watch the video and follow the lesson sequence to complete each activity. 

Monday -