Year 4 (Sep)

Week beginning 28th September - click on the links for each day to access the home learning.

Year 4 Reading

The text this week is The Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson. Click on the link for each day to watch the teacher led video and complete the activity.

Monday - to engage with a text - 

Tuesday -  to answer retrieval questions - 

Wednesday - to answwer inference questions - 

Thursday - to think about the author's choice of vocabulary - 

Friday - to think about a character's emotions - 


Year 4 Maths 

Monday — Money Lesson 3

Tuesday -   Money Lesson 4

Wednesday - Money Lesson 5

Thursday - 

Friday - 


Miss Johnson's Maths group - Numbers to 100

Monday -  Revision one more/less 10 more/less 

Tuesday - Click here for Comparing Numbers

Wednesday - Click here - Adding by Counting On

Thursday -

Friday - 


Year 4 Writing 

Monday - Click here to work through today's powerpoint and the complete this activity about was/were 

Tuesday - Click here to work through today's learning about the present and past progressive tense and complete this activity.

Wednesday - Complete this activity

Thursday - Click here to learn about the present perfect form and then complete this activity

Friday - Use everything you've learned this week to write your own diary entry.


Miss Moyle's Writing group 

Week 2 of instruction writing. Click on the links each day, watch the video and follow the lesson sequence to complete each activity. 

Monday -