Home Learning Resources wb: 07.06.21

Hello  to all of you isolating at home! We're sorry that we won't be able to see you for a few days, but all of our lessons will be online for you to complete at home! As before, please send your work to year2@lakeyln.bham.sch.uk or contact us via Purple Mash. See you soon! 



Monday < click here!

Monday - Mrs Beyene's Writing group


Letter formation hhhhhh - make sure you start at the top !! - see here


Reading Key words -have another go at reading these keywords reading these words as quickly as you can - here  and here.


If you know all of those words - try set 3 here

You should know them without having to sounds them out. How many did you get today ? 


Phonics -

revise words with

sh - here

, ch - here

, th - here

ee - here

, ng  - - here  


Can you think of any others to try - remember these sounds can be at the beginning or end of a word. 


Writing / Reading

Choose a word from the word lists above ( phonics lists). 


Use these words in sentence eg - 'shop           " I went to the fish and chip shop". 

Write 2 sentences for each sound. 

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