Nursery (September)

Welcome to our Nursery. It has been lovely meeting all of the children! After chatting to the parents, we have come up with a few ideas to help the transition into school. 

Toilet Training

Bedtime Routines

Lunchbox Ideas (Full Time children)


In the first few weeks we will be looking at basic skills such as following instructions, learning simple songs and talking about ourselves. We will also be encouraging the children to be as independent as possible. 

Here are some ideas that may be useful in the first few weeks. Please click on the blue links to access the relevent websites.


Talking about routines (Personal, Social & Emotional Dev) Sing 'This is the way..' song 

Talking about our daily routines. Encourage the children to be as independent as possible when getting ready for school.


Following Instructions (Communication & Language)  Listen to the song 'Wind the Bobbin Up'

Follow the instructions in the song and sing along. Encourage children to listen carefully.


Washing Hands - Keeping Healthy (Health & Self Care) Listen to the Handwashing Song

Talk about the importance of washing our hands. Model good hand washing techniques. You could demonstrate how germs stick to our hands by rubbing glitter into our hands then trying to wash it all off.


Ourselves (Knowledge & Understanding) Listen to 'This is Me' song

Talk about different parts of the body. "Can you point to your head, shoulders etc?" Can you draw a picture of yourself? "How many arms/legs do you have?" Encourage children to talk about themselves. If you have a large piece of paper, draw around your whole body - colour/collage your picture.


Number Recognition & Counting (Mathematics) 'How Many Fingers?' song

Look at numbers 0-10. Look for numbers all around us - door numbers, numbers on the clock etc. make a number collage. Practice counting by rote by singing number songs eg. 1,2,3,4,5 Once i caught a fish alive.


Stories & Rhymes (Literacy) Oxford Owl e-books

 Read stories daily. Talk about what is happening in the pictures? Listen to simple songs and rhymes. Have a selection of books available all the time. Model looking at books, turning the pages. Look at the Oxford Owl website (link below) to find e-books for 3-4 year olds.

Sing familiar nursery rhymes. Click on the link below to access to lots of nursery rhymes we sing in school.