Lakey Lane Primary School

Lakey Lane Primary School


This week we will be practising our maths skills. We will look at shape and number.

Could you please email me each day to let me know how they are getting on or if they need any additional support or activities.

It's always lovely to see what they have been doing at home, so send any photos to

Thank You!

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WB: 8th March 2021

This week we will be practising our maths skills. We will be looking at the numbers 1-5 as well as revising some of our shapes.

In addition to this I would like you to read one book every day from the EPIC online library (see above for log in details)

There are also lots of links at the bottom of the page with some fun craft/science activities you could try at home.

Daily revision such as name writing, cutting skills, number songs & counting would also be very useful. 


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Useful Websites/Links

Google Chrome now have a feature where you can make 3D animals 'appear' in the house. This is great fun and a nice way to find out about animals. It doesn't work on all phones/tablets, but worth a look. We had lots of fun with this one in our house. Click Here for a step-by-step guide.


Our trial for Reading Eggs/Maths Seeds/Epic is coming to an end soon. Top Marks has lots of free games. Just type in the year group/subject you are looking for. Click Here for the Top Marks website


BBC Bitesize has lots of great information. As well as online learning, songs and games there are also some really good parent guides about topics such as sleeping and toilet training. Click Here for the BBC Bitesize Website


The Dad Lab (on Facebook) have some great science and craft activities. (Thank you to Moiz's Mummy for the tip) Click Here for the link


Sure Start Children's Centre has some fun activity ideas on their website. Click Here for the link


Oxford Owl have a range of activities and ebooks on their website. Click Here for Oxford Owl

Our class log in is:

Username: lakeyn      Password: MrsGray21