Early Years Home Learning (September)

Pencil control sheets   click here

 Number recognition     click here

 Counting click here

 Singing and dancing  click here

 Cutting skills  click here  



Parents' guide to phonics  click here

Phonics videos - sounds, initial sounds and blending    click here   Jolly Songs

                                                                                   click here   Little learners sounds

                                                                                  click here    bbc bitesize

                                                                                   click here  Little learners blending


 This week we have been learning about the letters s, a, t and p. Click here to open the PDF.  All the songs mentioned in the PDF can be found by clicking the Jolly Songs link above.  


The week beginning the 28th September we all be learning the letters i, n, m and d. Click here to open the PDF.