Week beginning 3rd May

Hello everyone at home! If you have any questions or queries please contact us by email - rec@lakeyln.bham.sch.uk 

On Thursday 6th May school will be closed due to elections. Please see below for phonics and math lessons for Thursday 6th May.


Work for Thursday 6th May 2021



We are practising counting things carefully. Watch this video and complete the activities. Practise careful counting with things you find at home. 

click here


Mrs Beddows Phonics Group

We have been learning the sh and ch sounds

Play Dragon's den - click phase 3 - sh  click here

Play Picnic on Pluto- click phase 3 - ch  click here

We are still working on curly caterpillar letters  click here


Miss Worthington and Mrs Davis' phonics group

We are learning the igh sound.

Click here to watch the igh video.

Click here to watch igh alphablocks.

Click here for the igh phonicsplay game.

Click here for the igh story.