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Don't forget that you can always use Purple Mash if you complete the activities for the day. There are lots of great games on Purple Mash to use particularly to practise times tables so this would be a good use of any time you have after you've completed the set activities.  


YEAR 4 - Week beginning 5th July 2021

Monday- Click on the link below for today's lesson.


Tuesday - Comparing and ordering 3 digit numbers - Click here to access today's flipchart.


Wednesday - Comparing and Ordering 3 Digit Numbers - click on the link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2jmI01cWW0 

Activity Sheet - Comparing and ordering 3 digit numbers - Click here

Thursday - Comparing and Ordering 3 Digit Numbers.

Cut out the dominoes and compare each 3 digit number using the more than or less than sign -  < less than > more than.  Stick them down on pieces of paper to form a chain.  Bring this work to school on Friday.

Click here for the dominoes.