Health for Life 

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Health for Life is a scheme which supports primary schools in engaging both their children and local community in healthy active lifestyles. It is intended to increase the knowledge and skills of pupils and promote changes in healthy lifestyles and attitudes. The focus of the project is on healthy eating and cooking skills, growing food, physical activity and family involvement. The scheme aims to embed these values firmly in to school culture.

Here at Lakey Lane we have started to develop two areas from which the scheme will be taught. New cooking facilities have been installed and a polytunnel has been erected in the back playground for the growing of produce.

With help from our wonderful parent volunteer team, children in Year Two and Year Four have begun growing their own produce and started to learn some basic cooking skills.


A huge well done to our Health For Life team as we won 5 out of 7 prizes at the horticultural show. Yet again, you did us all proud and it is so wonderful to see how well Lakey Lane are doing with this project.

Every Wednesday, groups of Year Two children spend time in our polytunnel learning all about growing and cultivating produce. So far they have planted garlic, onions, basil, potatoes and runner beans. Fruit trees and delicious rhubarb is also being grown.

Look at what they have been doing so far this term...

Every Monday, groups of Year Four children learn how to create deliciously healthy treats using the ingredients freshly grown by Year Two. They have learned how to correctly hold a knife and some essential cutting skills to create tasty dishes such as fruit kebabs and fruit pirate ships.

Look at what they have been doing so far this term... 


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Ramandeep 5s(a few years ago)

I think that this is a good opportunity for year 4 and 2 to find out how to learn simple things like cutting with a knife.when I was in year 4 I had really enjoyed making lots of different food like apple crumble and pizza it was really fun . Thank you so much for setting up with this organisation!!!

lillyrose(a few years ago)

this is fantastic what you have done to year 4 and year 2 with year 2 growing and year 4 cooking i think it was a brillant idea for the children to do

Holly(a few years ago)

this is a fantastic thing that you have done hope it carrys on

Holly(a few years ago)

I think this opportunity for year four and two to learn about healthy food and get some of their ideas of what to do later in life. This is great!!!