Welcome to our school!


 Welcome to Lakey Lane Primary School, where we work extremely hard to ensure that children are “Safe, Secure and Successful.” By this we mean physically safe, emotionally secure and academically successful. Our ethos is fundamental to the daily life of school and is heavily ingrained in all that we do. Our aim is for our children to be well prepared to be good citizens within the 21st century society.  


Here at Lakey Lane we take our role of preparing children for

Modern British life very seriously. We recognise and embrace the

diverse cultures and faiths that reflect our local communities. These are celebrated by our staff and pupils within our commitment to promoting British values.


We firmly believe that a strong partnership with parents is essential if your child is to thrive and fulfil their potential. 


We hope that you find the information on the website useful. We would be most happy for you to visit us if you would like to find out more about our school. We would also like to know if you feel that there is anything missing from our website – please let us know!

Thank you

Louise Jones