Forest School

Our Forest School is situated within the fenced area at the front of school. We started to develop the area during 2011 and it is an ongoing project, constantly being  updated.

Children have two opportunities to go to Forest School whilst at Lakey Lane: A group of children from Reception and Year 3 are taken to Forest School one afternoon a week for a full half term; so that by the end of each academic year every child in those year groups will have attended the Forest School Programme.

Mrs Sarah Davis and Mr Andrew Woodward who lead the groups, have both trained and qualified as Level 3 Forest School Leaders.

By the end of the Forest School Programme the children will have taken part in a variety of activities including...collecting, treasure hunting, digging, mixing mud, mud painting, being creative with natural resources, bug hunting, den building, and whittling a stick to cook marshmallows on a small fire.

The activities are linked to all areas of child development and are closely supervised whilst allowing the children to choose their own direction. Children are encouraged to make choices, solve problems and work together.

They will learn about nature and the seasons, develop an awareness of the outdoor environment, learn new skills, grow in self confidence...and have lots of fun!

Forest School is taught in all weathers (apart from high winds or thunder storms). We aim to keep the children dry… and their own clothes reasonably clean! We would therefore be very grateful for any outgrown wellies or waterproofs. Thank you.