Lakey Lane Primary School

Lakey Lane Primary School


Topic lessons at Lakey Lane provide exciting imaginary and real life experiences to give purpose to learning. Science, geography, history, design and technology and art are all taught through the topic approach, allowing links to be made between the subjects and to provide opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in relevant, meaningful circumstances.

Over each key stage the children cover all requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 in these specific subjects. Links are also made to literacy, leading to purposeful reading and writing opportunities.

These topics have been developed and written by our curriculum team. The themes, contents and overall aims for each topic have been chosen to engage the children and make their learning fun, practical and to promote independent learning. There are a range of imaginary, role-play based topics (such as Pirates of the Caribbean, or the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch) as well as a number of "real life" topics, where their knowledge can be applied in real life situations (such as Healthy Me and Comic Relief).

Educational visits are an integral part of the topic based approach. They are used to engage the children, provide them with specific learning opportunities and  allow them to apply their learning within a real life situation.