Science, geography, history, design and technology and art are taught as part of a topic. Over each key stage the children will cover all the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 in these subjects. The teachers may also look for links that can be made to maths and English if this is appropriate.

The topics have been developed and written by our curriculum team of staff in school. The themes and content for each topic have been chosen to engage the children and make their learning fun, practical and purposeful. Each topic is usually launched with a dilemma or problem which the children can engage in. We want them to see that there is a purpose to their learning and that they can lead their own learning by being involved in deciding how to reach a goal.

For example:

In Year 3 Horrid Henry comes into the classroom and leaves a poster saying he is looking for children to join him. The children then have a series of tasks to complete in order to do so. These include; designing and making a flag, making an intruder alarm and creating a stink bomb. At the end of the topic ‘Henry’ then comes into class to see what the children have produced and see if they can part of his team.  


Year 4 receive a message from John Hammond, the infamous creator of "Jurassic Park". Throughout the topic, children explore food chains and keys, habitats and adaptation before enhancing their DT skills when designing and building an enclosure suitable for a dinosaur breed of their choice. In order to keep their dinosaur safely caged, the children then explore electricity and circuits before designing and creating an alarm and lighting system around their enclosure. A visit to West Midlands Safari Park towards the start of the topic allows children to assess ways of keeping animals enclosed.  


Each year group will cover 4 or 5 topics during the school year. Visits will be arranged and events planned in school to support the children’s learning.


Please click on your child’s year group to see what topics they will be taking part in over the year and the intended learning outcomes.