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In this section you will find information on how to read with your child at home. At Lakey Lane we want our children to be happy, confident readers who not only develop their skills as a reader but also really develop a love of reading. On this page you will find out how to hear your child read, how to complete your child's reading log and recommended books lists of  books to read for enjoyment. We really value your support and if you require any further help then please do not hesitate in speaking  to your child's class teacher or our Literacy Leader Miss Cridland. 


How to hear a child read

 Below you will find the decoding strategies that we use use in order to help children decode what a word says. These strategies are embedded from KS1 so it would be really helpful if you could use these when reading with younger children or less confident readers. 

This helpful video provides you with all of the sounds that your child will learn and shows you how to correctly say them. 

How to complete your child's reading log


Reception- Year 4

We would really appreciate it if you could sign and date your child's reading log whenever you have heard them read. It would be even better if you could make a small comment in their diaries so that your child's teacher knows how they have been getting on at home. Some suggested comments are: 

-Able to read most words

-Found these words tricky…

-Told me all about what they had read

-Read with lovely expression

-Needed help with..

- Read fluently  

Reading often with your child really helps develop their skills even if it is just for five minutes a day. Your child receives a prize for the number of time that they read at home so please help them by remembering to complete their diaries.


Years 5 and 6 

We understand that at this age most children will be reading independently by themselves. Therefore we would like you to sign and date whenever you have seen them read at home and maybe how long for. If your child still likes to read to you then this is great too!


After they have read we would still like you to ask them questions about what they have read.


Reading for enjoyment.

As well as the books that are sent home from school we are extremely enthusiastic about promoting the love of reading therefore we would love it if children are reading other texts as well as their school reading book. These things could be anything from magazines, online books, newspapers to more traditional books and information texts. Below you will find suggested reading lists that are split into age groups. It would be lovely to hear that children are reading widely and if so please encourage them to share what they have read by completing a book review either online in the Kid's Reading Zone or on paper which we can then upload onto the website and display in the school library. 


The link below will take you to a year group specific suggested reading list. Alternatively please click the thumbnails below to display other suggested reading lists. 

Age Appropriate Texts For Primary Children


KS1 Suggested Reading List