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We would love to hear about the books that you enjoy to read at home. If you have read an exciting book then tell us all about it by completing the form below. Miss Cridland will then read these and publish them for everyone to see. 


If you would like to create a book review on paper to display in the school library then please ask your class teacher for a template, complete it and the best ones will be displayed on our Reading Board in the library. Mrs Jones will pick the special ones to go on the back of our weekly newsletter.

Tell us about your books!

Our recommendations 

Name: : Shatu
Class: : 2J
Book title: : Tom Gates
 I love the book because it has lots of pictures and it is funny and some of the words they make like 3D!.I think it is such a nice book.

Name: : Leigha 
Class: : 6M
Book title: : Matilda 
It is about a girl who likes books and at an early age she went to the library when her parents were at work. Her parents don't like her as much as their other son because he don't like schools / books and is very rude just like them so her dad let her go to a school she met friends and they told her about her teacher in her class . She goes to a nasty school with the worst head teacher ever, called Miss Trunchbull and she would whack people with her stick and swing them round by there pig tails . She liked her teacher better than her parents but they didn't care they were more interested in the telly . So one day Miss Honey took her to her house but told  her that Miss Trunchbull was her auntie but hated her as she was so nasty to her and kept her parents house with Miss Honey's things in her room. Then one day they went into her house and played tricks on Miss Trunchbull and was hiding in her house and ate her chocolate in the end they got caught because Matilda left her ribbon in her house (she forgot it ) then she got put in the chokey and hated Matilda.

Name: : Haniya Jawaid 
Class: : 4D
Book title: : The Midnight Gang
 I LOVE this book so much because its an adventure book which happens unusually in a HOSPITAL!! It also has very funny and interesting characters to read about. It is one of MY FAVOURITE BOOKS! I like these kind of books because it makes me want to read more especially David Williams  books! I read about 4 to 10 chapters of all David Williams books and some others! I love this SOOO much!

Name: : Genta
Class: : 5J
Book title: : Bad dad
Bad dad is one of the new HILARIOUS books David Williams has once again managed to pull off. It it both touching and funny and you really feel for the characters and want them to succeed once you get to know them. There are some HUGE plot twists  and things you totally didn’t expect however there are some parts you knew what was going to happen. I highly recommend this book to people who love David Williams books and people who are into comedy. I hope David will soon come up with his next book and I’m sure it will be AMAZING


Name: : Muhammad Ubaidullah Qureshi
Class: : 2C
Book title: : Beast quest (2 sets)
They are about a boy and him freeing the monsters. I would recommend this to 7-9 yr olds and a 5 star rating.


Name: : Muhammad Habibullah Qureshi
Class: : 6M
Book title: : Darren Shan-Cirque du freak  (Whole series)
It is about a boy's life as a vampire. In this series, there are LOADS of plot twists and the books are interesting. They are great fun to read and there are some sad parts! I would recommend it a 5 stars and I would recommend this to ages 8 and over.


Name: : Alex Martin 
Class: : 4D
Book title: : Billionaire Boy
Billionaire boy is about a rich boy who goes to a normal school. His dad made money in a random way. I recommend it because it is a good book with funny bits in it. 


Name: : Ayana 
Class: : 2c
Book title: : Diary of the wimpy kid
It is really fun to read at home and it has lots  of funny stuff in the book.And i love it!


Name: : Avyakta
Class: : 5J
Book title: : Harry potter and the chamber of secrets
 It is about a boy who has no parents and when Harry arrives at Hogwarts he is told about salzar Slytherin in class and that is a clue about how and who is making people sick. There are lots of signs around the school.Read the book to find out the rest.



Class: : 1M
Book title: : Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone
The picture on the front is colourful and exciting. The main characters are on it (Harry, Ron and Hermione), and I was pleased to read it. My mum read it to me and this made me happy. I liked it best when she did the voices of the characters because this was funny. My favourite character is Harry because he is a good person.


Wonderful Reading Websites.

Click on these links to take you to some excellent websites to help you with your reading.


The book finder on the Book Trust website can help you find new and exciting books to read. 


Oxford Owl is a wonderful website where you can find free eBooks to read. All you have to do is ask a parent to help you to register for free! 

Word For Life is a wonderful site where you can find downloadable activities, games and recommended books to read. 

Summer Reading Challenge website is a great site which can be used all year round. It has a book sorter that has book  suggestions written by kids for kids. It also has a reading club and games to enjoy.