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Khadija Noor(about a week ago)

It's a shame that Year 6 didn't do their SATs AND missed most of their last year in primary! Miss you guys a lot! xx STAY SAFE!!

Lacey-may 2m(about a week ago)

Really enjoyed the video it was very funny! Missing everyone ..stay safe x

Jazmin 1W(less than a month ago)

Love you teachers and thank you for the video. Miss you so much.

Lilly, Faith & Destiny(less than a month ago)

Lilly :- I miss you all, I can’t wait to get back and see you all and show you what I’ve been doing Faith :- I miss you all, mrs moyle I miss you mostest can’t wait to see you again and have a cuddle

Poppy (RG)(less than a month ago)

I miss everyone lots and hope to see you all soon. X

Lexie-May 3DB(less than a month ago)

Loved the video I miss school and all my teachers and friends. See you soon xx

Eymen(less than a month ago)

When is time going to pass? Any ways is everybody ok?. XXX

Fatima Muhammad 5/w(less than a month ago)

great video I enjoyed it it was really good I really miss Lakey, all the teachers and everybody else stay safe and take care of your family and yourself hope to see soon xxx

Zara Hussain(less than a month ago)

I loved the video. Not going to school has been very BORING! I really miss school and my friends and teachers. I hope we all go back to school and have fun. Also that year 6 can end this year like every other year 6 child. I REAALLYYY miss school?

Alina(less than a month ago)

I miss school have fun

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1W and 5W

Children from the school council have produced this video to document what life is like at Lakey Lane Primary School.