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Children from the school council have produced this video to document what life is like at Lakey Lane Primary School.


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Ouways 5w(less than a year ago)

I can not believe I'm saying this but I actually miss school.

Ahmed(less than a year ago)

Have fun I miss school

Charlie 6jb best class ever(less than a year ago)

hi its Charlie. can't wait to come back I will see u soon and I will be very happy to see you all

Raza, rizwan, zeeshan and ayanna(less than a year ago)

Just seen the video it was absolutely amazing and just loved it seeing the teachers ones again can't wait to come back to school again and have some fun especially in summer

Jessica-Rose 4C(less than a year ago)

Hi My mum & dad have been keeping me busy at home with plenty of work but I am really missing my friends and seeing everyone! It would be lovely if we could have a class 'zoom' lesson maybe once a week so we could see our friends and Teacher Miss Cridland. I've been learning lots of things and cant wait to share it with you all. Thank you for the Work packs they have been great and some fun learning. Hope to see you all soon

Mrs Kaur ,Rajnee & Sukhmani(less than a year ago)

Thanks for the video it really made us feel happy to see you all . Hope to see you soon .

Izzah Rizwan(less than a year ago)

Its really BORING not going school.I miss school,Friends & Teachers, i hope we can all come back and Year 6 didnt do their SATS i love the video it really cheered me up! Everyone stay safe! Bye!

Aleeza R ( 3J)(less than a year ago)

I liked the video. Thank you. I miss you all too.

Maryam Altaf 1w(less than a year ago)

"Oh you are so funny miss I cant believe that video"- Maryam lol

Fathema Altaf(less than a year ago)

I love this video.. miss you all.

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