E-Safety Club

A weekly E-Safety club is run by our ICT Leader and ICT Manager with a group of Year 6 ‘Digital Warriors’ who have been trained to advise and support children in Key Stage 2 with any e-safety concerns they have. 

Our 'Digital Warriors' are on duty every Tuesday lunchtime to educate children in all matter regarding e-safety. They have created presentations, found useful videos and widely researched in order to be as helpful as they can.

As well as being an advice centre, the club will also used as a sanction for any children who have misused technology either at home or school. They will attend the club and have sessions with the ICT leader and ICT Manager.


Coding Club

To pilot some of the initiatives and resources used, a lunchtime Coding Club was set up for Year Five & Six. The club is incredibly popular with the children using programs such as Scratch and Lego Education to develop their programming experience.

This half term, the children have built Lego models and set algorithms to instruct them to perform certain tasks. Once complete, children experimented with the algorithms to gain a different output (outcome) and had to use the skill of debugging whenever the instructions had not been successful.

Lunchtimes have never been so much fun!

Have a look at some of our recent achievements. Videos to follow shortly.