In Key Stage 1 the children are taught maths in their class groups. In Key Stage 2 they are taught in ability groups, with some year groups having an extra member of staff so that we can teach maths in smaller groups. 

In the Autumn term the teachers focus on number, as this is a key life skill. So counting, ordering, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division will take precedent over other areas of the maths curriculum. These will be covered later in the school year. We recognise the importance of both mental calculation skills and more formal written methods and these are taught side by side. We have developed a written calculation policy to ensure consistency in the way our children are taught formal written methods. To access our Written Calculations Policy, please click here.


In Key Stage 2 and Year 2 the children have a weekly times tables challenge, in which they have to complete a series of timed challenges and receive certificates for moving onto the next stage. 

The children need to be able to apply their mathematical skills to more practical tasks, so each class takes part in a weekly ‘maths challenge’, where they may work individually or as part of a group to solve a given problem. These can be great fun and involve the children applying what they know as well as developing their team skills. 


We use a range of interventions to support our teaching of maths such as Numicon and Mathletics.


Please click on your child’s year group to see what they will be learning over the year.


Our Maths leader is Miss Meehan.

Singapore maths meeting 2016